kaz business consulting creating support systems to grow your ideas: business consulting for small businesses, cooperative companies, and non-profit organizations according to German regulations, IAS, International Accounting Standards, and US-GAAP. German and American financial accounting and reporting and its reconciliation. procedure: analysis of current situation, modelling necessary measures to be successful and support of their realization service modules: business start-up and consulting, training, organization, marketing, financial planning, controlling,accounting, control mechanisms, profitability, tax consulting, risk management, bookkeeping, accounting, financial statements, administration of assets, goods and members, audit preparation, IT-consulting, homepage-design and internet, company evaluations charges will be individually agreed upon according to the required services. It's success will pay for the investment. Low prices are possible with recent and proper documentation and preparation. <a href="overview.htm">overview.htm</a> <a href="service.htm">service.htm</a> <a href="prices.htm">prices.htm</a> <a href="http://kazBeratung.de">http://kazBeratung.de</a> <a href="contact.htm">contact.htm</a>